mystic dinos

We went to Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art Village in Montville, CT to see over 40 life-sized dinosaurs on 1.5 mile nature trail.

The girls played on an awesome jungle gym, explored a”MAZE”asaurus, and hunted dinos. Then we ventured indoors where the girls unearthed fossils at The Bone Zone, panned for gold, and dug for crystals in a mine. (Each 10 minutes long which was perf.)

I’ve been wanting to take the girls here for more than a year, but it’s over 3 hours away, so we had to stay the night. We stayed near Mystic, CT, explored the seaport, and had dinner at Mystic Pizza. You mean THE Mystic Pizza from the 1988 classic staring Julia Roberts? Why, yes. Yes it was.