stella's last day of preschool

Stella's last day in the 2's class, The Orange Room, was today. She enjoys going to school and loves making crafts and painting. She made lots of friends, but likes hanging with the boys the most. She's more confident, less shy, and gets excited to spend time with her friends.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Subject: Art
BFFs: Leo, Jai & Jack
Favorite Toy: Dinosaurs

 The Many Faces of Stella

The Many Faces of Stella

The Kings Bay Y school director, Ilana Friedman said "I have never experienced a two year old class with such a strong bond. They skipped parallel play and went right into group work and team building. With their encouragement and support of one another, there is no limit to what the next year has in store for them."

Most of the kids in her class are returning next year, and I hope their bond continues to grow. She will be in the 3's class, The Green Room, next year five days a week, but still only half days (until noon).