big mama

Stella calls me "Mama" a lot of the time -- makes me think "BIG Mama". ha.  


John and I went to Stella's teacher conference yesterday and spoke with Stella's teachers Yarixa and Robyn. They said Stella enjoys school and likes playing with her friends Leo and Jai the most. They said she enjoys art and is one of the best artists in her class. She has a great imagination and likes to tell stories in a whisper voice, as if they are a secret. 

They also said she still doesn't really eat the snack that she is given unless it's some kind of salty cracker. No fruit or veggies of course. She's even turned on things that she use to like like raisins. No surprises there.

She's more comfortable in school now and we believe she will benefit from a slightly more consistent schedule. We've decided to add a school day to her current schedule, so she will go Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings now. (In September, she will go to school M-F 8:30-12.) She has a bit separation anxiety during drop-offs, but they said she recovers quickly. We think she will enjoying spending more time with her friends.

When she first started school, they said she would grab a friends hand and drag them over to play with her. Now, she politely asks them to play. She is also using her words instead of hitting when she's frustrated. She could work on her listening skills, for example, staying with the group on the playground. We think the extra day will help with this, because she'll get to go to the playground with her classmates on Mondays.

Overall, they believe Stella is doing great and they love having her in class. (obviously!)