a little about Stella

She loves dinosaurs and has watched Land Before Time a million times. She sleeps with dozens of plastic dinos in her bed, and I have to go through and remove the sharp ones every night. She sleeps with a stuffy, cleverly named Dino, that Rinne gave her. And she brings a handful of dinos wherever she goes.


She still sleeps with a paci and the monkey blanket Great Aunt Peggy gave her. She likes to smell the tag part and refuses to cover-up with any other blanket. I think the tag part and the paci both smell good too. 


She hits her sister daily and is not even a little bit phased by time-outs.


She has been peeing in a potty since she turned two. She went straight to the real potty and refused the baby potty and the potty seat. She has to completely remove her pants and scoot way back or she'll pee on everyone in the bathroom.


She's a secret night pooper, so we haven't had much luck going in the potty yet. She still sleeps in a zippered onesie on backwards; although, we haven't had any "art projects" in months.


She has been feeding herself since she was 6 months old and to this day refuses help with a utensil. You're only allowed to hold the spoon or fork if it's yours and you're giving her a bite of something.


She loves peanut butter especially on waffles. She also eats Fage Strawberry Greek Yogurt almost everyday. Other favorites include chicken nuggets, fish sticks, french fries, pizza, goldfish, and gummy bunnies. She won't eat much else.


As for treats, she likes popsicles, lollipops, and chocolate ice cream. She'll pick the chocolate pieces out of a chocolate chip cookie or a granola bar. She'll only eat the top of a cupcake. And she'll straight-up reject most donuts. 


She refuses to eat fruits and vegetables. Bananas were in for a while, but now they're out. 


She hates brushing her teeth.


She loves Porkchop but I have to watch them together because she likes to squeeze her a bit too tight. She says "I wov her! She's so cute!"


Her second favorite movie is Finding Nemo which she has watched 2 million times.


She's a runner but we've made progress with "Red light!".


When she says "You're my bef friend" it melts my heart, but she says it to everyone she likes a lot.


She likes swings, rollercoasters, and carousels A LOT.


She still calls Alana "Wanna".


She was super proud of herself when she discovered she could hold her breath and stick her whole face underwater at the pool.


She says "Find you!" when playing Hide and Seek.


She likes to cuddle in the morning but not at night. She'll kick you right in the face or say "Cuddle with Ava" when she's done. The morning is the best time for warm snuggles. If you turn on a show for her you can really get your fill.


She stays up late after Ava goes to sleep and secretly plays with Schleich animals and dinosaurs in her bed. I let her until it gets too late and bust her by telling her to go to sleep through the speaker on the baby monitor. We went a little crazy purchasing Schleich animals when Ava was Stella's age, but man was it worth it. Both girls have played with those animals more than anything else.


We're so lucky to have Stella in our lives. We love and appreciate how different the girls are from each other. It's amazing to see Stella's personality shift and grow -- we're loving every minute of it.