dancing toddlers

I've been taking Stella to a dance class at the Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center for the past 5 weeks. After the last class, I was fed up because Stella refused to do ANYTHING the teacher asked. She would lie face down on the ground or run around in a circle around the group, who would all be sitting nicely. I asked Alana to take her to see if she would behave differently and because I had a job interview. 

When I asked Alana how the class went, she simply handed me her phone with the videos and didn't say anything. The video above is long, but basically, she participates in preeetty much everything and does the best she's ever done. Seriously. 

For the record, Alana can also FEED her fruit. And by feed I mean, Alana holds a utensil that contains fruit and Stella allows it to go into her mouth. 

I'm so screwed when she's a teenager ;)