museum growls

The girls and I kicked off our two week vacation together with a trip to the American Museum of Natural History to see the special exhibit Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species


We learned about the amazing Tardigrades aka waterbears or moss piglets. The micro-animal can survive in extreme environments like temperatures from absolute zero to above boiling, pressures about six times greater than those found in the deepest ocean trenches, radiation at doses hundreds of times higher than the lethal dose for a human, and the vacuum of outer space. It’s simply incredible.

Stella growled her way through the American Museum of Natural History. 

Stella had something to say about every animal exhibit we saw at the museum. She growled like a dinosaur [or a bear] at every creature she saw. You should have heard how loud she growled at the dinosaur skeletons! When we went to the café for lunch, she growled extra loud and made the whole restaurant laugh. I think she was putting on a show.


A mini-archaeologist uncovering fossils.