beach babe

Stella sat in the sand for the first time on the beach in Isle of Palms, South Carolina near Charleston. She stayed just long enough to take a few photos and grab a few fists full of sand.

We stayed in a gorgeous beach house with Grant and Alex, 4 other couples, and a total of 8 children last weekend. While a small army of babysitters watched the crib midgets, we attended two nights at the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival where we saw the Zac Brown Band with guest musicians John Popper and Bella Fleck. 

The surprise of the weekend was meeting another 4 year old girl named Ava Mae. The two Ava's instantly became BFFs and my Ava slept in the bed with new Ava EVERY night we were in the house. I stupidly did not take any photos of the Ava's...I think I was distracted by the mass hysteria of a house inundated with 8 small humans under the age of 4. 

It was a great weekend with nice people. Thanks for including us Grant & Alex!