macy's santa

Stella mailed a letter to Santa, even though she didn't want to. We had to take turns holding her, because her legs weren't working. I fed them each a single M&M for good behavior every few minutes. Stella was being challenging but eventually fell asleep. She woke up just as we we were entering the Santa Village and was her charming, adorable self. She chatted up a friendly elf.

Stella told Santa she wanted a rainbow robot and sat down nicely. When she held Santa's hand and looked up at him adoringly, I broke into tears! [John was like WTF?] I expected her to be a pill and she was absolutely perfect. She loved meeting Santa and I was thrilled. It was worth the wait.



We finally went to see the infamously sold out Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze in the village of Croton-on-Hudson. It’s practically impossible to get tickets, but John made it happen this year (in case this is the last Halloween in NYC). We left work early to hit the road at 5:30 pm to make our 7:00 pm time slot and ALMOST made it without Stella getting carsick. Almost.

We walked across the Pumpkin Zee Bridge (Ava's favorite) and saw a pumpkin carousel, giant sea serpent, pumpkin planetarium, and jurassic park, among a dozen other very impressive pumpkin displays.

Stella was NOT impressed but Ava seemed to enjoy it. I think the trip was really for me tho.

pumpkin carving

Ninno and RG had us over for pumpkin carving Halloween party. She made a meatloaf foot, cheesy mashed potatoes, and green beans with a delicious bloody red velvet cake for dessert. For the girls, she made ghost pizzas, hotdog spiders, and dirt cups (pudding cups with cookie crumbs as dirt with gummy worms).

The boys carved awesome pumpkins. John carved a flawless Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie Man for us. 

all of me

Stella and I watched a street performer in Central Park sing this song. I was holding her so we danced a little, but when I looked at her face, tears were streaming down her little cheeks. I said “Oh honey, is the song too sad?” And she said “It’s sad but I like it.” 😍

She’s a tough girl who likes to wrestle, but has a sensitive soul who cries at sad movies and sweet songs.  

pumpkin patch 2017

We went on our 5th (Stella's 4th) annual family trip to White Post Farms. This year we had Ninno & RG back and GrandMom as our special guest.


We also got a couple of family photos, which is rare.


Check out previous years at the pumpkin patch here: 2016, 2015, & 2014

mystic dinos

We went to Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art Village in Montville, CT to see over 40 life-sized dinosaurs on 1.5 mile nature trail.

The girls played on an awesome jungle gym, explored a”MAZE”asaurus, and hunted dinos. Then we ventured indoors where the girls unearthed fossils at The Bone Zone, panned for gold, and dug for crystals in a mine. (Each 10 minutes long which was perf.)

I’ve been wanting to take the girls here for more than a year, but it’s over 3 hours away, so we had to stay the night. We stayed near Mystic, CT, explored the seaport, and had dinner at Mystic Pizza. You mean THE Mystic Pizza from the 1988 classic staring Julia Roberts? Why, yes. Yes it was.

first day of 3's preschool

Stella started school today. She's in the Green Room this year with new teachers Ms. Dana and Ms. Oneyda. We have a new school director as well, so the school feels different this year. 

Stella met her teachers for the first time yesterday. Alana took her because I had Jury Duty, and said she had the teachers rolling with laughter and that she was super talkative and funny. She had so much fun she didn’t want to leave.

She was super excited to go to school this morning and felt very comfortable at drop-off.


fire island

Our last weekend of the summer was spent in Fire Island with our old friend Grant, his beautiful wife Alex, and their two boys Knox (age 4) and Rex (age 2). It was fun spending time with friends and bringing all the kiddos together. The Frankel's are wonderful and gracious hosts. We love you G-love and fam!

amagansett 2017

I cherish the weekend in Amagansett with my besties. This year none of the boys could make it, except August of course, who is 13 YEARS OLD now. The ladies drank rose, ate delicious cheese, and indulged on desserts. The kiddos swam in the pool, made slime, caught lightening bugs, and played together. It was a fantastic weekend.

Thank you for everything Tammy — you're amazing.