girlie girls

Auntie Jenni gave the girls matching shirts and goodie bags for the celebration. And Ava and Jenna had sleepovers together on the pullout sofa in the little apartment with Ninno & RG almost every night. 


The girls had the best time playing on the beach and swimming in the pool at The Cove.  

stella's last day of preschool

Stella's last day in the 2's class, The Orange Room, was today. She enjoys going to school and loves making crafts and painting. She made lots of friends, but likes hanging with the boys the most. She's more confident, less shy, and gets excited to spend time with her friends.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Subject: Art
BFFs: Leo, Jai & Jack
Favorite Toy: Dinosaurs

The Many Faces of Stella

The Many Faces of Stella

The Kings Bay Y school director, Ilana Friedman said "I have never experienced a two year old class with such a strong bond. They skipped parallel play and went right into group work and team building. With their encouragement and support of one another, there is no limit to what the next year has in store for them."

Most of the kids in her class are returning next year, and I hope their bond continues to grow. She will be in the 3's class, The Green Room, next year five days a week, but still only half days (until noon).

first family camping trip

Our group went camping for the first time along Basket Brook in Long Eddy, NY in the Catskills. The location was just down the road from where Woodstock took place in 1969. It was a Tentrr campsite and included some equipment, so we didn’t have to buy everything for a single night trial run with the kiddos.

The girls absolutely loved it. They played on the rocks and in the cold stream for hours. They enjoyed looking at insects, spiders, frogs, and salamanders. They played card games, colored, and played with dinos inside the tent. They loved the campfire, but could hardly stay awake to enjoy the stars and fireflies. 

We cooked hotdogs and smores on the campfire for dinner and pancakes and bacon for breakfast. We had great weather. Some people pooped in the woods and some didn’t. 

If it wasn’t for multiple tick sightings, the experience would have been perfect. Apparently, the north east is experiencing an epicly bad tick season. Brooklyn came home with 3 and Porkchop went to the vet with a “bullseye” mark from a bite.  We’d love to try the North South Lake Campground next time for 2 nights, but the ticks have us a bit scared. We may have to wait until next year when Ninno isn’t pregnant.

When we returned home Ava said “Dad, I love you.” And he asked “Why?” And she replied, “Because you took me camping.” That sentence may be worth all the whining in the car, the car sickness, and the tick fear put together.

hershey park memorial day 2017

Ava, Stella, John, Jillian+, RG, and I went to Hershey Park for Memorial Day weekend. 

Before the 3D movie at Chocolate World, Stella was asked where she was from and she replied “Her home”. Stella did NOT like wearing a hair net or apron when designing her own chocolate bar, but (of course) loved eating the chocolate. She also loved loved loved all the rides and isn’t scared of anything, even the ferris wheel. Both girls enjoyed the slides with the boys the most. 

It's a fantastic amusement park with hardly any lines, tons of rides for the littles, and lots to do. Ninno is a big fan. We'll have to go back to check out the zoo and hit the splash park hard when the water is warmer. 

easter 2017

The girls opened their Easter baskets and then we went to the 3rd Annual Egg Hunt in McCarren Park hosted by our friends. Afterwards, we went to Ninno & RG's, where Ninno had prepared a yummy lunch.

Porkchop peed on the floor a half dozen times and Stella peed her pants at the park, but other than that it was a great day. Thanks for hosting Ninno & RG!

stella's great wolf birthday

We went to Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains to celebrate Stella’s birthday. The main attraction was the large indoor water park, but they had other fun kid friendly activities such as a bubble dance party, a Forest Friends lobby show, and Story Time. The girls slept in a tent themed room with bunk beds and had a blast. There was an ice cream shop, pizza place, all-you-can-eat buffet — it was kid paradise. 

There were other activities the kids would enjoy if there were a bit older, so we’ll have to go back another time. Sure beats an overpriced 100 minute birthday party. The girls had a BLAST! 

cuddle monster

Porkchop destroys the girl's toys, she barks, she has sensitive skin, a sensitive stomach, she has to go outside three times a day, and she's an overall massive pain in the butt, BUT she has one thing going for her. She's a fantastic cuddler.

That goes a long way in our house. I suppose we'll keep her. For now anyway.